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Trip to the US

Posted on June 17 2018

I was lucky enough this month to be taken to Las Vegas for the Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology conference.  This was my first time ever to the US! 
I want to start by saying how NICE Americans are.  They are just the loveliest people.  I think they get a bad wrap because of their politics but upon reflection, I found that casting judgement to people because of their politicians is not very enlightened. Americans are hard working, obliging, kind, funny and great conversationalists.
Being that I have founded an eco company committed to plastic free solutions, my mind is always taking note of the single use plastic that is around me. And I can tell you, on this trip, there was a lot around me. 
I am disappointed in myself. Disappointed that I came unprepared for plastic bombardment that I would be subjected to for the duration of the trip.
I cant believe I didn't take a reusable shopping bag with me.
I mean, reusable shopping bags is what I have been tirelessly working on the past 7 months. And I didn't bring one! I learnt my lesson big time. 
There is a cafe in the Bellagio that we went to each morning and most days for lunch. $15 USD for a coffee and a muffin. All disposable items were dispensed. Plastic knives and forks, cups, plates, containers, butters, sugar... you name, you could have it then throw it away. 
I finally understood the need and use for those cute little reusable cutlery sets you can buy.
So me being me... I checked if there was a recycle program at the Bellagio, and I was plensently surprised. 
They are making an effort!!! I couldn't believe it.
I actually have flutters of hope. Flutters that this shitty plastic mess that is happening, can be turned around and we, as a species can thrive and flourish on our planet and enjoy all the beauty and wonders we have been gifted.
If between big industry making an effort like this, and us consumers not CONSUMING the disposable items that are available,  we have a chance. 
And speaking of gifted wonders...I made sure that I got the the grand canyon. I wanted to see this wonder of the world for myself, and not from an observation deck. 
I went on the Sundance chopper tour that lands you right in the Grand Canyon.
Next time I go there I want to do the camping and hiking trip so that I can adsorb more of the energy that is spilling out from these canyons.
Bright lights, resorts, pools, pina coladas, shows...These are all great. But nothing comes close to the energy, love, vibration, spirit and wonder that the earth and nature gives us. 
The earth is the most important "thing' we have. And we need to look after her. She gives us life, rejuvenation and a feeling of completeness that we cant get anywhere else.
Lets make an effort. Because its worth it.
Love Steph x