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Where to get started?? It can be daunting when starting out on your 'LESS WASTE / MORE ECO-FRIENDLY' journey and to find products that are good quality is tricky as the market is flooded with badly made products and empty promises!

I have put together a list of 5 easy to swap items, these are tried, tested and trusted to bring you only the best alternatives available.

1. Cling Wrap >>>> Bees Wax Wraps
Cling wrap can’t be recycled, even in the soft plastic recycling scheme, so switching to a reusable option is an easy environmental win.
2. Takeaway Coffee >>>> Reusable Cups
If you buy coffee on the go and don’t have a reusable cup yet, this should be the one swap you make right now.
3. Dishwashing Liquid >>>> Zero Waste Soap Blocks
Ditch plastic bottles in favour of solid blocks and dish soap bars
4. Plastic Cleaning Brush >>>> Bamboo Scrubber
Bye, bye plastic dish brush, hello wooden brush with replaceable, biodegradable head.
5. Plastic Shopping Bags >>>> Bamboo Scrubber
Supermarkets have now gone plastic carry-bag free so an eco-bag is an essential swap. Also, make sure you bring produce bags for fruit and veggies.
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