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30 Plastic Free High Preforming Dishwashing Tablets

These high performance all-in-one dishwasher tablets with built-in rinse aid will leave your dishes sparkling clean, without nasty chemical residues.

And best of all - PLASTIC FREE! 

These tablets are in a recycled cardboard box and the tablets are NOT contained in a plastic bag within the box.

The plant and mineral based ingredients in these dishwasher tablets provide powerful stain removal, while the built-in rinse aid ensures a streak free finish. Excellent results guaranteed every time.

These no-mess tablets are individually wrapped in a PVA biodegradable wrapper that dissolves in your machine, so there's no need to touch the tablet. Now with boosted oxygen for tough stain removal. Suitable for all dishwashing machines including dish drawers.

Performance: Ecostore dishwasher tablets have been independently benchmarked against the market leader to ensure excellent results.

Safer for our environment: These tablets are approved by the European Union Ecolabel (License no: DK/015/001) for reducing environmental impact through the product's lifecycle, from raw material extraction to production, distribution and disposal.

Enzymes: Ecostore uses enzymes in the dishwasher tablets and powder as they are very efficient cleaners and help reduce the number of chemicals needed to get similar results.

• Enzymes are readily biodegradable.
• <1% in formulation is all it takes to get excellent results.
• Using enzymes allows Ecostore to formulate safer, more eco friendly dishwasher products with a lower alkalinity.