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Our Story

Welcome to our store. I'm Steph, the director of ecologist co and Annie, the co- founder is my mum.  

Ecologist co is a journey we are embarking on together.

Mum was fortunate enough to live in the South of France for 8 years. And of course, I made my way there to visit quite a few times. France has got its reusable bags sorted and it's been that way for years. They haven't used single use plastic bags in supermarkets for a long time.  

But France's real gem are the markets! 

It was the best feeling in the world heading down to the village markets in the mornings to buy fresh local produce and food for the day. In the south, all the produce and baked specialties are all bought and eaten daily while they are fresh.    

France is where I learned an appreciation for quality. Yoghurt comes pot set in terracotta pots, cheese is purchased free from plastic.... Life is so much better when its not littered with plastic. 

Annie and I got talking....What started out as a reusable shopping bag business, quickly turned into a plastic free store. As I started to put this business together, we thought "why stop at bags?".  Its not only the plastic bags in Australia that contribute to the waste problem. It's the disposable and single use conveniences that are flooding the landfill and ocean.

We had been wanting to start a business for a long time and like many of those with entrepreneurial aspirations, the most important question remained.  What sort of business? It had to mean something to us. It had to make an impact.  I knew that I would never be able to apply myself to something that didn't matter to me.

I grew up on the coastlines and in the rivers of New Zealand, so keeping these special places pristine is very important.   Seeing the absolute mess that is happening in the ocean and water ways was enough motivation for us. We started changing our habits and felt the need to share our finds with the wider community.

We wanted to share the simple joy of products without plastic. Having quality, sustainable, beautiful products in your home instead of toxic, ocean destroying, river chocking trash is a much better way of living!  

The products we are sourcing are just the beginning of what we plan to bring to you. I am making it my mission, to scour the world and find the best, most beautiful, high quality, plastic free reusable products. I work full time as well as running this business, so something that remains prominent in my product selection is I am deliberately choosing products you can do a straight swap with. Ditch the disposable cotton pads for reusable ones.  Time saving, money saving and better for the environment. 

Congratulations on being environmentally conscious and making the decision to no longer allow your home and life to be plastic ridden. If we all make these small changes together, I truely believe we can make a difference.  

Stay tuned for new products... and of course...the reusable shopping bags (eventually)!

Much love

Steph and Annie